Application for Tint Exemption

The Window and Windscreen Tint Regulations (2020) provide for Exemptions, which falls into two categories:

  1. Medical Exemption
  2. General Exemption:  Individuals and Protective Services and Security
1. Medical Exemptions
This applies to persons suffering from a medical condition that renders the individual susceptible to harm or injury from exposure to sunlight.
The approved medical conditions for a tint exemption are as follows:
(a) albinism;
(b) chronic actinic dermatitis/actinic reticuloid;
(c) dermatomyositis;
(d) lupus erythematosus;
(e) porphyria;
(f) xeroderma (pigmentosa) pigmentosum;
(g) severe drug photosensitivity, provided that the course of treatment causing the photosensitivity is expected to be of prolonged duration;
(h) photophobia associated with an ophthalmic or neurological disorder; or
(i) any other condition or disorder causing severe photosensitivity in which the individual is required for medical reasons to be shielded from the direct rays of the sun.
2. General Exemptions
This applies to:
(a) Persons who have specialised use of a vehicle.
(b) Vehicles that are required to ensure the safety and security of occupants.
Persons who desire an exemption are required to:
a. Complete the 
Tint Exemption Application Form and
b. Submit to the Transport Commissioner along with the necessary supporting documents along and a valid proof of address – (utility bill or a copy of the Lease/Rental Unit Agreement)
The accepted forms demonstrating proof of address include a cable bill, home internet bill, electricity bill (T&TEC), OR water bill (WASA). If a customer does not have a utility bill in their name, he or she is required to produce a letter of authorization from the owner and a copy of their national identification

The completed Tint Exemption application form and supporting documents are to be placed in a sealed envelope, addressed and delivered to:
The Transport Commissioner
Southern Main Road, Caroni
Trinidad and Tobago

Or (Tobago
Licensing Office Tobago
Shervan Road Tobago

Applications should be signed by the registered owner(s) of the motor vehicle (if different from the applicant) and dated accordingly.