Requirements for Visitors to Drive in Trinidad and Tobago


 A visitor to Trinidad and Tobago may drive on the roads of Trinidad and Tobago under the following conditions:

  • The visitor must attain the legal age limit to drive in Trinidad and Tobago at seventeen (17) years of  age or over
  • A visitor to Trinidad and Tobago must be in possession of a valid Driver’s Permit/Licence issued by a country that is  a signatory to the Geneva Convention, for a period of 90 days with effect from the date of his arrival or until the date of his/her arrival or until the date of expiry of the driver’s permit/licence, whichever occurs first orA valid driver’s permit/licence
  • A valid certificate of insurance
  • Travel documents certifying the date of arrival in Trinidad and Tobago
  • The visitor to Trinidad and Tobago must have a valid International Driver’s Permit/Licence issued outside of Trinidad and Tobago for the period specified thereon, or where no such period is specified, for a period of one (1) year from the date of issue. 
  • A visitor to Trinidad and Tobago or holder of a driver’s permit/licence referred to in points (2) and (3), must have the driver’s permit/licence on his /her person or in the vehicle to produce to Law Enforcement Officers: Police Officer and Transport Officer, once requested.