Coastal Erosion a Monster that Beckons

RELEASE DATE: 17 Dec 2019

5128 - The Square Kilometres comprising our twin island state

704  - The Kilometres of coastline collectively between our twin island state

80    - The percentage of estimated socio-economic activities within our coastal zone.

70    -  The estimated pecentage of our population located on our coast.

8      -  The percentage of all public and private infrastructure by value located immediately on the coastline

What do these numbers mean?

Trinidad and Tobago must face the undeniable truth. Its coastline isn't at risk. As a Small Island Developing State Trinidad and Tobago has always and will continue to rely on our coastal and ocean resources. As a nation we have made significant strides towards developing and implementing new policies pertaining to management of coastal zone. However, we remain vulnerable to impacts of climate change such as sea level rise and storm surge and other hazards.  Click here to download: Coastal Erosion a Monster that Beckons