Fleet Owner Requirements

The Licensing Division of the Ministry of Works and Transport wishes to advise of the new process for applying for a Vehicle Testing Station/Fleet Owner is as follows: 

 Requirements for Fleet Owners

  •  Only persons owning twelve (12) vehicles and over would be considered as Fleet Owners.
  •  Approved premises for Testing would be subject to a registration fee of $1,000.00
  •  An annual renewal fee of $500.00 shall be paid to the Authority;  
  •  Health and Safety standards (Fire Extinguisher, Hose, First Aid Kits, Muster Point, Entry Exits, Face/Eye Wash etc – within 4M to 4.5M of main testing area)
  • Office & Wash Room area
  • A Brake testing strip of approximately 19.5M from the front of the vehicle (Solid (Concrete/Paved)
  • Proper lighting (pit & adjourning areas)
  • Pit Dimensions - Length:
  1.  Width 1M
  2. Length 9M to 12M
  3. Depth 1,7M
  4. Extension Light 
  •  Ramp Dimensions – See Appendix I
  • Areas must be cleaned and properly sanitized for inspection.
  • Clear demarcation of Workflow logistics with adequate signage.
  • All daily activities in close proximity to the inspection area should be halted at the time of inspection.
  • Proper parking arrangements for inspector and attendant.
  • A visit will require a Minimum ten Vehicles and a Maximum of Twenty five (25) Vehicles.

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