The Traffic Control Experimental Scheme Mayaro Mafeking Taxi Stand Regulations 2021


1. These Regulations may be cited as the Traffic Control Experimental Scheme (Mayaro/ Mafeking Taxi Stand) Regulations, 2021.

2. These Regulations shall commence on Monday 1st February, 2021 and expire on Monday 3rd May, 2021.

3. No more than six taxi drivers plying  the Mayaro to Mafeking route shall-
(i) park facing West on the Southern Side  of the Naparima Mayaro Road, from a point fifteen metres West of the Guayaguayare Mayaro Road; and

(ii) enter and exit the taxi stand in a western direction only.

4. Without prejudice to any other liability incurred by the commission of a summary offence, vehicles found parked in the  contravention of these Regulations, may be removed by the police and impounded and dealt with in accordance with section 108 (i) (b) of the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act.

26th of January, 2021
Commissioner of Police

Minister of Works and Transport

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