Policies & Projects

The list below outlines the current and upcoming projects and policies spearheaded by the Legal Services Unit of the Ministry of Works and Transport.

Current and upcoming:
 * Reform of the Fixed Penalty System; Introduction of a Demerit Points System and the Red Light Camera Enforcement System and  a S pot Speed  Radar Camera Enforcement;
 * Regulating the use and enforcement of window film (Tint) and the introduction of Tint Meters;
 * Introduction of Electronic Motor Vehicle Registration, new Number Plates and Criminalization of the use of fraudulent/fake number plates;
 * Introduction of a disabled/accessible parking for persons with disabilities and special circumstances;
 * Finalization of policy for drug-impaired driving and the introduction of a “Drugalyzer”; and
 * Introduction of regulations for the protection of Pedal Cyclists.  
 * Policy For: The Amendment of the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act, Chapter 48:50 to introduce a Disabled/Accessible Parking System
for Persons with Disabilities in Trinidad and Tobago.