Media Release

Emergency Road Works at Robert Village, Tableland

31 Dec 2020

The Ministry of Works and Transport is currently conducting temporary roadworks to the affected area by widening the opposite side of the road. This emergency intervention will allow continued access to the road and reduce traffic.

MOWT Responds to the Existing Condition of the La Horquetta Walkover

03 Dec 2020

The Ministry of Works and Transport duly notes the concerns of the general public as it relates to recent footage circulating in the public domain on the existing condition of the La Horquetta Walkover. Given the understandable level of concern for safety, the Ministry would like to take this opportunity to clarify some key points as it relates to the maintenance and upgrade of this particular structure.

Repairs to the B1/2 Bridge at Golden Grove Road Commences

14 Oct 2020

On Tuesday 13th October 2020, the carriageway that spans the length of the B1/2 Bridge, Golden Grove Road collapsed making the roadway inaccessible to localized traffic. The Ministry of Works and Transport is mindful of the criticality of this connector bridge as it serves as a main access point between the Churchill Roosevelt Highway and the Eastern Main Road. As such, works are ongoing to restore unencumbered travel to drivers in the shortest possible time.