Who We Are

The Human Resource Division in this Ministry was established in 2001.  The Division functions as a strategic partner in the formulation of the Ministry’s strategic functions through the provision and development of the human capital necessary for the effective implementation of the Ministry’s core activities.  The Division main functions therefore are to attract, develop and maintain a quality work force who will work towards the achievement of the Ministry’s objectives.

The Division achieves its goal through various functions; which include human resource planning, training and development, employee relations, the integrated human resource information system, pension and leave, contract and short term employment.  The HR Unit strives to be a dynamic, knowledge-based, people-centered Division, leading in the holistic and sustainable development of the Ministry’s Human Resources. 

  Core Values:
  •  Integrity
  •  Respect
  •  Customer Focus
  •  Communication
  •  Competence
  •  Team Work and Collaboration