Navigational Warning 116-22


– EAST COAST CHARTS BA 501 and BA 1044
Masters and operators of all marine craft are hereby advised that drilling rig Noble Regina Allen supported by tugs GH Enterprise, GH Challenger and El Zorro Grande II will be transiting for a period of eight (8) days from 8th December to the 15th December 2022 within the U(a) Block from the Osprey Platform to the Osprey B Platform between positions: 1. Osprey Platform 2. Osprey B Platform Lat 10 – 15.47 N Lat 10 – 14.74 N Long 060 – 32.86 W Long 060 – 30.89 W A wide berth of 500 meters is required and extreme caution are advised. DATUM WGS 84

5 th December 2022
Signed Ronald Alfred
Director of Maritime Services
Maritime Services Division
Ministry of Works and Transport

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