Navigational Warning 036/19 (1)


22 Feb 2019

 Masters of vessels are hereby notified that the Drilling Rig WEST CASTOR will be offloadedfrom the (Heavy Lift Vessel) GPO GRACE with the assistance of Tugs: VISION,TEMARAIRE and COLOSSUS in the Chaguaramas Basin on 28th February 2019 at position:Lat 10 - 38.50 NLong 061 - 38.00 WThe rig will also be Soft Pinned (anchored) onto Tug COLLOSSUS for a period of fourteen (14)days at position:Lat 10 - 39.27 NLong 061 - 38.04 WA wide berth and extreme caution is advised.

22nd February 2019

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