Navigational Warning 039/19 (1)


12 Mar 2019

Masters of vessels are hereby notified that two yellow oceanographic data buoys having a FlashCharacter of four yellow group flash every twenty seconds (FL (4) Y 20s 3NM) at a range ofthree (3) nautical miles will be installed on 15th March 2019 by vessel MR P at the followingpositions:1. Nearshore:Lat 10 - 17.31NLong 061 - 29.15 W2. Offshore:Lat 10 - 17.94 NLong 061 - 30.14 WThe buoys will be at the respective positions for the next four (4) months.A wide berth and extreme caution is advised.

12th March 2019

Signed Ronald Alfred Director of Maritime Services
Maritime Services Division
Ministry of Works and Transport

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