The Unit’s main functions are to issue and renew permits for private light-motor vehicle drivers and maxi taxi drivers seeking access. Permission to drive along the PBR is only given to red band Maxi Taxi drivers and PTSC busses moving passengers and to drivers with special authorization.  

The Ministry of Works and Transport wishes to underscore the following rules for driving along the PBR:
  • No other permits or emblems other than an authorized pass from the PBR unit grant you access for driving along the PBR.
  • The speed limit on the Priority Bus Route is 65km/h and failure to comply could result in the PBR Permit being revoked or result in a fine
Failure to display a route destination sign and failure to take passengers the full distance “going short” could result in the following penalties:

1st offence - $500tt 1st offence and 3 months suspension
2nd offence - Suspension for 6 months and cancellation of permit 
3rd offence - Revocation of pass