Renewal of Route 2 Maxi Taxi Priority Bus Route Permits for 2022 & 2023


Two Periods: January to June 2022, July – December 2022

January – June  2023  July – December 2023 will be conducted at the Priority Bus Route Unit, Ground Floor, Ministry of Works and Transport, 2-4 London Street, Port of Spain

PBR Permit renewals will be held from June 01, 2023 to J,une 23, 2023. from 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. for two renewal periods. The applicable fee is $2400.00.
All holders of Route 2 Maxi Taxi Priority Bus Route (PBR) Permits, MUST be present to transact business for any of the following:
  • Renewals of Maxi Taxi PBR Permits  
  • Change of Drivers on the Priority Bus Route Permits
For applications requesting the change of the registered driver(s), ALL new drivers MUST be present to facilitate the taking of a real-time photograph.
For the processing of applications for renewals, PBR permit holders are required to submit originals and copies of the following mandatory documents and pay the applicable renewal fees:
  1. Certified Copy of Vehicle Registration for the maxi taxi from the Licensing Division (Valid for one (1) year from the date of issue);
  2. Valid Certificate of Insurance for the maxi taxi;
  3. Valid Inspection Certificate
  4. Operator’s Permit: Operators of large maxi taxis should possess an Operator’s Permit to operate maxi taxis of any Class. Please note that the Operator’s Permit must clearly show the relevant and authorized signature and stamp;
  5. Valid Defensive Driving Certificate for all nominated drivers;
  6. Valid Taxi Badge;
  7. National Identification Card;
  8. Valid Driver’s Permit; and
  9. Any other relevant documents, as required
The renewal process for PBR Permits will be done BY APPOINTMENTS ONLY via this website:
It is advised that permit holders can use the website: to view accumulated demerit points, prior to attending appointments.
Also, it is recommended that persons who were issued Fixed Penalty Notices should settle outstanding fees to avoid disruption in service.
can be submitted using the following email:
Tel: (868) 625-1229/ 1225
PBX: (868) 625-1225
Ext. 10010 / 10011 / 10013  

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