Issuance of PBR Maxi Taxi Permits



The Ministry of Works and Transport advises persons who wish to attain a Maxi Taxi PBR Permit of the following requirements:

A letter of application must be attached and addressed to:
   Permanent Secretary,
   Ministry of Works and Transport
   Corner of Richmond and London Streets
   Port of Spain
All applicants must bring along with the following Original Documents to be verified:
            Certified Copy
            Inspection Certificate
            Insurance Certificate (MUST state the number of passengers insured)
            Permit to Acquire a Maxi Taxi (see below)
            Drivers Documents (include the following):

  • Driver's Permit
  • Taxi Badge
  • Operator's Permit
  • Defensive Driving Certificate

Successful Applicants will be placed on a waiting list  pending the availability of Permits. Applicants will be contacted and notified when permits become Available.

ONLY applications for Large Maxi Taxis are accepted. (Seating capacity of 18 and above.)
An original stamped copy of a Permit to Acquire a Maxi Taxi must be attained from the Transport Division.
The carriage of passengers must correspond on the Inspection Certificate and Insurance Certificate
All documents must be presented for an application to be accepted and processed.
Incomplete applications WILL NOT be accepted.