Maxi Taxi PBR Permit Renewals

The Ministry of Works and Transport wishes to advise all holders of Maxi Taxi PBR permit of the renewal process:

  1. Visit a Clerical Officer to sign a Renewal Application Form

  2. Proceed to a Verification Officer with the relevant documents:-

    • Certified copy of ownership (Valid for 1 year from date of issue)

    • Valid Inspection Certificate

    • Operators Permit

    • Defensive Driving Certificate

    • Valid Taxi Badge

    • Valid Driver’s Permit

  3. Proceed to a Data Entry Clerk to verify and update your information

  4. Proceed to a Clerical Officer to sign a generated form

  5. Pay the Cashier as outlined in the Regulations

  6. Proceed to the Clerical Officer and sign the Renewal Register for the PBR Permit