Contractor's Information Portal

The Ministry of Works and Transport (MOWT) seeks to advise you that the proclamation of the expedient sections of the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Property Act (PP&DPP Act) became operational on April 26th, 2023.
In this regard, you are urged to register on the Office of the Procurement Regulator Procurement Depository, in accordance with (law) Section 26 of the PP&DPP Act, to be able to conduct business operations at the Ministry of Works and Transport.
Pursuant to section 6 of the Act, “any procurement of goods, works or services or retention or disposal of public property that is not done in accordance with the Act and any procurement contract or agreement that is not entered into in accordance with the Act shall be void and illegal”.
As such, if the MOWT wishes to invite all tenderers, service providers, small business operators, suppliers or contractors who are not registered on the OPR procurement depository to kindly do so in order to participate in a particular procurement activity with the MOWT. In this regard, you are urged and advised to register on the OPR Procurement Depository to become prequalified on the database. Prior to the MOWT issuing any award of contract or entering into a framework agreement with the said supplier or contractor, the supplier or contractor must be listed as a pre-qualified vendor on the OPR Depository database.
You are therefore encouraged to register at your earliest convenience with the Office of the Procurement Regulator for business continuity with the MOWT and other public bodies  
Please see the steps below to successfully register:
The Office of Procurement Regulation
•         Click on ‘Portals’
•         Go to DEPOSITORY
•         Click on ‘Register a Supplier.’
•         Fill out all necessary information
Please note this is a Four (4) step process and all steps must be completed for successful registration followed by pre-qualification.