MOWT Launches Road Rehabilitation Programme 2023

RELEASE DATE: 03 Feb 2023

The Ministry launched its Road Rehabilitation Programme of Works with tremendous momentum as it undertook projects spanning the length and breadth of the country. This Programme forms part of the Ministry’s mandate to improve the quality and durability of the nation’s roadways, as well as, improve road safety and connectivity. 
Under the Road Rehabilitation Programme, the Ministry has implemented new approaches, technologies and strategies to address the repair of critical landslips, slope stabilization and road rehabilitation.
Through the concerted effort of the work of the Highways Division, the Programme for Upgrading Roads Efficiency Unit and the Bridges, Landslip and Traffic Management Unit, the Ministry will address over seventy (70) critical landslips and undertake over five hundred (500) road rehabilitation projects across Trinidad for 2023.
The completion of these projects is set to directly impact individuals, communities, and local economies.

Road Rehab Programme 2023.jpg