Temporary Traffic Disruption - Southern Main Road, Chatham (1)


The Ministry of Works and Transport (MOWT) wishes to inform the public of ongoing slope stabilization works in the vicinity of LP# 1999A/96km mark along the Southern Main Road, Chatham.
The scope of this project is to stabilize both failed slopes (northern and southern sides) by the construction of two reinforced concrete retaining walls on piles. The southern wall will be constructed first, as this will facilitate the construction of a utility corridor (wide concrete channel) for the placement of water mains. Once the southern wall and the utility corridor is completed, the MOWT and the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) would coordinate efforts to relocate the water mains from the northern side to the southern side of the roadway. Thereafter, the northern wall will be constructed and the full width of the road restored to allow for the normal flow of traffic.
After installation of shoring (southern side), construction work on the southern side of the  landslip  was expected to commence on Tuesday August 2nd, 2022.  However, due to the inclement weather over the last few weeks, additional movement along the roadway and downslope was observed. This situation has made it difficult for the contractor to proceed with on-going works.
Works are scheduled to commence from August 22nd, 2022 with a completion date of  November 2022. The MOWT, WASA and project contractor will continue to work together to maintain vehicular access and a schedule for the supply of water to the community.
Considering the above, motorists are advised to comply with the following:
•              Proceed with caution and observe all directional signs and barriers.
•              Comply with instructions from Police Officers on site to facilitate a safe and orderly flow of traffic.
•              Be aware of heavy equipment entering and exiting the site.
•              Drive with caution on all milled (possibly uneven) surfaces.
•              Drive at a reduced speed on approaching the work zone.
The Ministry of Works and Transport regrets any inconvenience caused and thanks the public for its continued cooperation. For further information, please visit the Ministry of Works and Transport’s website at www.mowt.gov.tt or call the PURE Unit at 638-2350 or 2256/675-4052.


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