Taxi Driver's Badge and Licence - Renewal

WALK WALK-INICE: A Walk-In Service is currently in effect for all Taxi Driver's Badge and Licence transactions.

Senior Citizens wanting to conduct renewals or any driver's licence transactions can make use of the Walk-In Service. 


To renew a Taxi Driver’s Badge and License an applicant must produce the following documents:
  1. A completed application Form No. 4 
  2. A Certificate of Character from the Commissioner of Police. 
  3. A valid proof of address (utility bill or a copy of the Lease/Rental Unit Agreement). The accepted forms demonstrating proof of address include a cable bill, home internet bill, electricity bill (T&TEC), OR water bill (WASA). If a customer does not have a utility bill in their name, he or she is required to produce a letter of authorization from the owner and a copy of their national identification. See the full listing of Proof of Address Requirements
  4. A completed Form No. 12 – “Medical Test for Driver’s Permit”. 
  5. A valid Driver’s Permit. 
  6. An expired Taxi Driver’s Badge and License.

The Fee for the renewal of a Taxi Driver’s Badge and License is $40.00