Notification of Change of the Colour or the Engine Number

The owner shall present:

a. The completed Notification of Change form
b. A valid Certified Copy not more than one (1) years old and;
c. The Motor Vehicle to the appointed Transport Officer at any of the Licensing

The Notification of Change form shall be verified by the appointed Transport Officer, after which it must be presented to the cashier with the appropriate fee of $35.00
Where the registered owners are not present to effect the above mentioned changes, the following must be presented:

  1. Letter of authorization from the registered owner.
  2. Copy of the owner’s ID must be made available to the Transport Officer.
  3. In the event of multiple owners, one owner’s letter of authorization and copy of ID will be acceptable.
Where a company is involved in in the change process:
  • Letter of Authorization addressed to the Transport Commissioner indicating the vehicle registration number to which the change is to be effected and the person responsible for representing the company.
  • Letters of Authorization must be done on a Company’s Letterhead
  • Letter of Authorization must be endorsed and stamped by either of the following:
  1. Director
  2. Sole Trader
  3. Partner – One representative
  • IDs for one of the Directors/Sole Trader/Partner 

Relevant document indicating list of Directors