Vehicle Transfers

Changing Ownership

The requirements to transfer a vehicle are as follows: 

  • No person shall be registered as the owner of a motor vehicle unless such person is at least seventeen (17) years of age.

  • The vehicle along with the registered owner and the buyer must be presented at the Inspection Area at the Licensing Office to be examined.

  • A valid proof of address (Buyer only) – (utility bill or a copy of the Lease/Rental Unit Agreement). The accepted forms demonstrating proof of address include a cable bill, home internet bill, electricity bill (T&TEC), OR water bill (WASA). If a customer does not have a utility bill in their name, he or she is required to produce a letter of authorization from the owner and a copy of their national identification 




Under 2 years


2 - 5 years 


5 - 7 years 


7 - 10 years


Over 10 years





  1. On application for a change of ownership, the registered owner and the new owner shall complete the Application for Transfer of Vehicle Registration Form and submit it together with the following documents: 
a. A valid Certificate of Insurance in the new owner’s name, except in those cases specified by the Licensing Authority. 
b. Receipt of the tax invoice of sale. 
c. Two Forms of Identification. An Identification Card and Driver’s Permit or a valid Passport of both the owner and buyer (where the new owner is the holder of a Driver’s Permit): This is not applicable to companies.


In the event that a company wishes to carry out the transfer of a motor vehicle, the Director/Sole Trade/Partner (1) of the company should provide written authorization addressed to the Transport Commissioner for his or her representative(s) of the company to act on their behalf to either purchase or sell the motor vehicle (s). 

It is permissible for one person to represent both Companies. 
Where a company is involved in a transfer of a vehicle, the following are required:

  • Letter of Authorization addressed to the Transport Commissioner.

  • Letters of Authorization must be done on a Company’s Letterhead

  • Letter of Authorization must be endorsed and stamped by either of the following:

    • Director

    • Sole Trader

    • Partner – One representative

  • Receipt must be signed by the authorizing Director/Sole Trader/Partner (1)

  • IDs for both Directors/Sole Trader/Partner – Copy of IDs must be signed by the holder

  • Certificate of Incorporation/Certificate of Registration

  • Notice of Directors (if applicable)

  • Company stamp to be affixed to the Transfer Form  




In the event that the registered owner of a motor vehicle is ill or disabled and cannot come into the Licensing Office, a written request must be submitted to the Transport Commissioner along with supporting medical correspondence to verify the severity of the illness. Once approved, a fee of $100.00 should be paid for this service. Licensing Officers will then be assigned to visit the given address to verify identification cards and the vehicle, where possible.



In the event that the registered owner of the motor vehicle is overseas, a sworn affidavit or declaration notarized by a Notary Public which indicates that the owner is out of the country must be submitted to effect the transfer. The original affidavit or declaration and Transfer Form must be presented. Copies of the owner's identification will be accepted.



  1. In the case of the death of the registered owner of a vehicle, the legal heir or any other person into whose possession the vehicle shall lawfully come, shall for the purpose of such transfer, apply in person to the Transport Commissioner who will advise on the appropriate steps to be taken in each case.
  2. In the event of a named Executor, the Executor is required to be present at the Transfer Counter with one form of valid ID. The Vehicle is to be transferred to the named Beneficiary only in the presence of the Executor.  


Required Documents

  1. Death Certificate (Original and Copy) – Original to

  2. Two forms of Identification Card or Passport and Driver’s Permit (New Owner).

  3. One form of Identification (Deceased) - if available

  4. Original probate of a will, along with a copy (If the deceased left a will, Original required for verification)

  1. Original Letters of Administration, along with a copy.  (Original required for verification of copy)

  2. Certified Copy of Ownership. (Not older than one (1) year)

  3. Insurance in buyer(s) name

  4. Receipt for sale in the event of double transfer

  5. Completed Application for Transfer of Vehicle Registration Form


Doctrine of Survivorship


Transfer of a vehicle upon the death of the registered owner of the vehicle under Doctrine of Survivorship.

  • Death Certificate (Copy an Original)

  • Certified copy of ownership (Not older than 1 year )

  • One form of Identification (Deceased) - if available

  • Two (2) Forms of Identification – New Owner

  • Insurance in the new owner's name

  • Statutory Declaration

  • Completed Application for Transfer of Vehicle Form

Other Information

Plus the Transfer Fee - $10.00
The V.A.T is payable by V.A.T registered companies.                              
When a motor vehicle is purchased from a company and the buyer has paid VAT at the time of purchase, the invoice / tax receipt must be validated by the VAT Office at the Inland Revenue Department. 
For used motorcycles not exceeding 250 cc, the transfer fee is:       $150.00
For used motorcycles exceeding 250 cc, the transfer fee is:            $300.00
Plus the Transfer Tax which is $10.00