What We Do

In accordance with the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act Chapter 48:50, the Transport Commissioner is the Licensing Authority and is responsible for the registration, licensing and inspection of motor vehicles, the issuance of driver’s permits and other related matters. Under the supervision of the Transport Commissioner, the specific functions and duties of the Division include the following:

  • Issuance of Taxi Badge​
  • Issuing Road Permits
  • Certified Copies 
  • Registration of motor vehicles
  • Inspection of motor vehicles 
  • Issuance of driver's permits
  • Directing the supervision of traffic census
  • Executing government policy in the area of maxi taxi operations
  • Supervising private testing stations
  • Hearing appeals of applicants who are aggrieved by decisions of subordinates
  • Collection of the associated revenues
  • Regulating the Private School Bus System
  • Performing related work as required