New Traffic Ticketing System

RELEASE DATE: 24 Jan 2020

What is the New Traffic Ticketing System?

The Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act Chapter 48:50 has undergone some extensive changes to allow Transport Division to provide better service to the motorists in Trinidad & Tobago. This revised legislation modernises the present traffic ticketing system by:

  • Decriminalising a wide range of traffic offences into traffic violations;
  • Providing new platforms for the payment of traffic fines such as cashless transactions;
  • Introducing new and convenient payment locations;
  • Providing greater convenience and options for the payment of traffic tickets;
  • Providing law enforcement officers with greater connectivity and instant access to data; and
  • Reducing the backlog of pending cases before the Traffic Courts.

This system seeks to improve outdated procedures and practices for road traffic law enforcement using modern technology – a software management system called the U-Turn System.