Project Milestone Curepe Interchange Project

RELEASE DATE: 05 Jan 2020

The Curepe Interchange is the current phase of the improvement projects being implemented as part of the larger East-West Corridor Expansion and Improvement Works Programme. This ongoing Programme was initiated as a solution for the alleviation of traffic congestion along the Churchill Roosevelt Highway (CRH), with the elimination of traffic signals along the corridor and the upgrade of intersections.


The Curepe Interchange involves the construction of an overpass with two clover leaf sections at the intersection of CRH and Southern Main Road, Curepe. It also includes construction of the associated frontage and connector roads within the area north and south of the CRH from Prince Charles Avenue, Valsayn to the intersection at the Southern Main Road. To signal the commencement of this phase a Sod Turning Ceremony was held on Wednesday 20th February, 2019. Upon completion of this phase, the new interchange and the ancillary works is expected to reduce the travel time along the Churchill Roosevelt Highway. This would be a considerable boost to the local economy during construction, as this project is expected to generate major activity in the construction sector.


Commercial opportunities will redound to small contractors, skilled and unskilled workers and the business community. The scope of works for 2019 included The construction of drainage channels, and ramps including the South Roundabout The construction of the Flyover bridge The realignment of the Southern Main Road and the Churchill Roosevelt Highway. On Sunday 5th January 2020, the installation of the steel girders at the site of the Curepe Interchange Project commenced. Works are ongoing as the project nears completion in early 2020.