Legal Notice No. 398 Increase in Speed Limit at QPS and the Valencia Bypass


Legal Notice No. 398 dated December 20, 2019, made by the Honourable Minister of Works and Transport in accordance with Section 62 (2) of the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act, Chapter 48:50. 50 km per hour to 65 km per hour in the following locations:

1. Queen’s Park Savannah, and
2. The Valencia Bypass Road (Barbuda Road) from Antigua Road to the Eastern Main Road

The increase in the Speed Limit in the above locations came after an in-depth study was conducted by the Ministry’s Traffic Management Branch. The Ministry is of the view that having regard to the imminent proclamation of the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act 2017, which will introduce, among other road safety measures, a Demerit Points System in Trinidad and Tobago, it was necessary and urgent to balance the average speed of motorists in the aforementioned areas, against the previous posted speed limit of 50km/h.

The Ministry takes the opportunity to remind motorists and pedestrians to kindly observe the nation’s laws relating to road safety during the festive season.

Road safety is everyone’s responsibility!

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