The Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Property Act of 2015, as amended (“the Act”), introduces a new paradigm for the procurement, retention and disposal of public property in Trinidad and Tobago. The new legislative framework requires public bodies to perform their public property procurement, retention and disposal functions on the basis of a principled model rather than the traditional prescriptive model. The Procurement Unit , MOWT continues to operate and  is guided by :

Section 5. of the PP&DPP Act

(1) The objects of this Act are to promote—

(a) the principles of accountability, integrity, transparency and value for money;

(b) efficiency, fairness, equity and public confidence; and

(c) local industry development, sustainable procurement and sustainable development, in public procurement and the disposal of public property.

(2) A public body shall carry out public procurement and the disposal of public property in a manner that is consistent with the objects of this Act.