Increased Seating Capacity for Public Transport

Release date: 6/30/2021

The Ministry of Works and Transport wishes to advise the general public that effective June 29th 2021 – July 18th 2021, Regulation 5 of Legal Notice No. 186 – The Public Health Regulations, 2021 was amended to increase the passenger capacity of all licensed public transport from fifty per cent (50%) to a maximum of seventy-five per cent (75%). This is in keeping with Schedule 3 of Legal Notice No. 186 which states: “Public transportation vehicles may be allowed to transport only as many passengers as can be afforded window-seating, in accordance with the size and make of the vehicle. This guideline therefore would preclude the occupation of any middle-seat spaces in any vehicle with seating extending across the width of the passenger cabin. In all instances, passengers are to be required to wear face- coverings (preferably masks) for the duration of their journey; and windows are to be kept fully opened, as far as practicable, to allow for optimal circulation of air through the vehicle. The following diagrams set out the seating requirements for maxi taxis with X indicating where passengers are to be seated:

This new measure applies to the following public transport vehicles: • Maxi Taxis • Taxis or Vehicles for Hire The Ministry of Works and Transport is thankful for the patience and support of maxi taxi and taxi drivers during this unprecedented time and looks forward to their continued cooperation while providing the essential service of public transportation. Please be guided accordingly. For further information and/or updates visit the Ministry’s website at and social media platforms.