Licensing Division Implements New Initiatives To Treat With Vehicle Inspection and Transfers

Release date: 2/11/2023

The Ministry of Works and Transport has been paying close attention to the ongoing matter related to the challenges associated with Vehicle Inspections and Transfers. Within the past two years, the Ministry has been cognisant of an increased demand to access licensing services nationwide. To treat with this issue, which resulted from the complex challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry implemented a number of initiatives geared toward reducing the backlog within the system. Such provisions included:

• The introduction of an online appointment system to manage crowd control at all Licensing Offices.
• The implementation of a moratorium that extended the validity of certain licensing documents. This moratorium or grace period to access licensing services was extended on more than five (5) occasions over a period of two (2) years, with a final expiration date of December 31st 2022.
• The improvement of the vehicle inspection system with the introduction of the Electronic Vehicle Inspection System (EVIS). The EVIS includes the use of handheld electronic devices, equipped with specialized software  remotely connects to the Licensing Division and is designed to ensure that all vehicles are safe to operate on the nation’s roads. This System provides the opportunity to validate records and ensures that vehicles are present for the inspection process. In spite of these strategic measures, the Licensing Division has been experiencing a considerable influx of customers seeking to conduct transactions at short notice. This has led to crowd control challenges, longer wait times and a reduction in the overall well-being and comfort of persons seeking to access particular services. To address these challenges, the Ministry has taken the decision to implement the following initiatives on a phased basis:

Vehicle Inspection
1. An appointment system will be reintroduced for the inspection of vehicles 6000 kg and over (MGW). This will take effect from Monday 13th February 2023.

2. An additional inspection site will be made available for vehicles 6000 kg and over (MGW) during the week of February 20th 2023 - Ministry of Works and Transport Agua Santa Stock Pile and Asphalt Plan. This will be based on an appointment system.

3. Fleet owners are also encouraged to apply for authorization to use their compounds as Inspection Stations in accordance with the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act Chapter 48:50. 3

Vehicle Transfers
1. Vehicle Transfers at the San Fernando Licensing Office and Caroni Licensing Office will be relocated to the Ato Boldon Stadium, Couva and Larry Gomes Stadium, Arima, with effect from Tuesday, February 14th to Friday March 24th, 2023.

Members of the public are advised that NO appointment is required to access this service.

 Additionally, the Licensing Division injected additional resources and modified certain processes to address vehicle amendment challenges, with the aim of improving the overall operations of the existing system. Members of the general public are encouraged to utilize the above-mentioned provisions to ensure they become compliant with the law and that their vehicles are safe and roadworthy.

The Ministry of Works and Transport thanks the general public for their patience and continued cooperation during this period.