The Licensing Division Transitions from Driver's Permit to Driver's Licence

Release date: 7/8/2022

Continuing with its thrust to modernize and enhance services, business processes and operating systems at the Licensing Division, on Friday 08th July 2022, the Ministry of Works and Transport launched the new Driver’s Licence, marking the transition from the former “Driver’s Permit”.

This new form of identification allows for greater consistency and alignment with international standards. The transition from a “Driver’s Permit” to a “Driver’s Licence” will also improve regional and international authorities’ recognition of an authentic driving licence issued by the Transport Commissioner as the Licensing Authority of Trinidad and Tobago.

The new Driver’s Licence incorporates a sophisticated array of security features that inhibit tampering and counterfeiting.
The Licensing Division will introduce this new document/card on a phased basis. In the initial phase, the new licence will be available to persons conducting current transactions. The Licensing Division will utilize a dual system that allows for the use of both documents/cards - the existing Driver’s Permit and the new Driver’s Licence - until the previously-issued Driver’s Permits are completely phased out.
The new Driver’s Licence does not invalidate the existing Driver’s Permit and citizens are not required to change/renew their old/ existing Driver’s Permits until it is due to expire.
The Ministry of Works and Transport thanks the general public for its usual cooperation.