Reinstatement of Online Appointment System for Certain Licensing Transactions

Release date: 12/7/2022

In 2020, the Ministry of Works and Transport implemented an online appointment system to facilitate the continuation of licensing transactions during the COVID-19 Pandemic. In paying close attention to the needs and expectations of our customer base, on December 05th 2022, the Ministry heeded the calls of various segments of the population to implement a walk-in service for the following transactions:

 Driver's Licence Renewals
 Driver's Licence Changes
 Endorsement

Upon assessing the outcome of this initiative, it was determined that the use of a walk-in system for the above-mentioned transactions did not serve the best interest of the general public. This system has resulted in crowd control challenges, longer wait times and a and a reduction in the overall well-being and comfort of persons seeking to access particular services. In this regard, the Ministry has taken the decision to reinstate an appointment-based system effective December 08th 2022, for the following transactions:

 Driver's Licence Renewals
 Driver's Licence Changes (name, address)
 Endorsement (first-time applicants for Class, 1,2,4,5) It should also be noted that the following services will continue to be accessed via the appointment system:
 Provisional Permit – (Learner's) Class 3
 Regulations Exams
 Driving Test Members of the public are advised that a WALK-IN SERVICE will remain for the following transactions:
 Senior Citizens wanting to conduct Renewals or other Driver's Licence Transactions
 Lost/Stolen/Defaced Permits
 Vehicle Inspections
 Vehicle Transfer
 Vehicle Reclassification
 Application of Certified Copies 3
 Collection of Certified Copies
 Collections of Extracts (new vehicles)
 Vehicle Registration
 Vehicle Testing Stations Transaction
 Vehicle Changes (colour, engine),
 Collection of Taxi Badge
 Collection of Inspection Certificates
 First Issue Driver's Licence
 Taxi Badge (Application/Renewal/Loss/Defaced)
 Workman's Permit
 School Bus Transactions

Persons seeking to book an appointment must utilize the online scheduling appointment portal at

In addition, customers are strongly encouraged to explore all available timeslots at licensing locations nationally if their preferred location is unavailable. Please note that proof of address (utility bill no older than three months) is required to complete a licensing transaction. The accepted forms of proof of address include a cable bill, home internet bill, electricity bill (T&TEC), OR water bill (WASA). If a customer does not have a utility bill in their name, they must produce a letter of authorization from the owner and a copy of their national identification.
The Ministry of Works and Transport apologizes for any inconvenience caused and thanks the general public for their continued cooperation.