Mandatory Requirements to Access Licensing Services - Proof of Address


The Ministry of Works and Transport wishes to inform members of the public of the mandatory requirements to access services at the Licensing Division. With effect from Monday 23rd November, 2020 applicants will be required to provide the following proof of address to conduct specific service transactions at all of the Licensing Offices:

1. A recent utility bill (Telephone Landline, T&TEC, FLOW and WASA)

2. In the case of a rental, a copy of the Lease/Rental Agreement for the rental premises identified bearing the name of the applicant. If the utility bill or Lease/Rental is not in the applicant’s name, a letter from the owner confirming the applicant’s residence and a copy of the owner’s National Identification Card (ID) must be submitted.

Note : Proof of address should be dated no more than three months from the date of application

The documents requiring proof of address are as follows:
1. Application for driving Permit (s)/ Endorsement (s)
2. Forms of Particulars to be given by Applicant for Registration of the Motor Vehicle
3. Application for Transfer of Vehicle Registration
4. Notification of Change (s) to Motor Vehicle
5. Notification of Change (s) to Driving Permit Details

The Ministry of Works and Transport wishes to thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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