Offences, Fines and Demerit Points

Any person who contravenes the Windscreen and Window Tint Regulations, 2020 commits a traffic violation and will be issued a Fixed Penalty Notice and Demerit Points.
The proposed Fines and Demerit Points are as follows:
Description of Traffic Violation
Maximum Fine
Failure to comply with permissible Visible Light Transmittance of material on windscreen and window of motor vehicle.
$2,000.00 3 $5,000.00
Failure to maintain windscreen or window free from scratches or other defects.
$450.00 0 $1,000.00
Installing unauthorised curtains, screens or other devices on motor vehicles.
$1,000.00 2 $1,500.00
Failure to have exemption certificate in a motor vehicle and failure to produce the exemption certificate upon request by a constable in uniform. $1,500.00 2 $2,000.00

NOTE: According to the new Regulations, it is the driver of the motor vehicle (NOT THE OWNER) who receives the Fixed Penalty Notice and will also have Demerit Points recorded on their driving record.

 Fixed Penalty Notice (Traffic Ticket)


A Fixed Penalty Notice can be paid at authorised Trinidad and Tobago Postal Corporation (TTPOST) locations nationwide, by cash and debit card.  A person will need the traffic ticket reference number, Driver's Permit number and the vehicle registration number to make the payment. The payment must be made in full and in one transaction. No installments or part-payments will be accepted. Instructions on how to make a payment are printed on the reverse side of the traffic ticket. 


Authorised TTPOST Payment Locations 

TTPOST Location Address
Arima   #17 Prince Street, Arima
Bon Accord (Tobago)  Milford Court, Bon Accord, Tobago
Chaguanas  Corner Eleanor & Southern Main Road
La Romaine  #2 Lucky Street, La Romaine
National Mail Centre (Piarco)  #240 -250 Golden Grove Road, Piarco
Scarborough(Tobago) #19 Dutch Fort, Scarborough, Tobago
San Juan  #5 Eastern Main Road, San Juan
St. Ann’s  #29 St. Ann’s Main Road, St. Ann’s
St. James #61-63 Western Main Road, St. James
St Vincent Street, Port of Spain #22-24 St. Vincent Street
Tragarete Road, Port of Spain  #177 Tragarete Road, Port-of-Spain
Tunapuna Eastern Main Road, Tunapuna Eastern Main Road, Tunapuna


How Do I Contest A Fixed Penalty Notice (Traffic Ticket)?

If a driver wishes to contest a traffic ticket, he/she may seek the assistance of an Attorney-at-Law. He/she can file a Notice to Contest with the Court within fifteen (15) days from the date of issue of the ticket via the portal.

Instructions on how to contest a traffic ticket are printed on the reverse side of the traffic ticket.

A driver will need the traffic ticket reference number, the vehicle registration number, their Driver’s Permit number and the date of issue of the ticket. He or she may provide reasons for challenging the traffic ticket.

If the driver is found guilty by the Court, this can result in the imposition of the maximum fine under the law.
For further details on how to pay or contest a Fixed Penalty Notice, click here or visit the website: under the section Traffic Ticketing System.