Use of Reflective Materials/Curtains/Screens


Use Of Reflective Materials/Curtains/Screens

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Under the new Tint Regulations, unless approval is granted by the Transport Commissioner, motorists will NOT be permitted to use, drive or operate a vehicle where the windscreens and windows contain:

  • Metallic, reflective or mirrored material that can dazzle other motorists;
  • Curtains/screens or other devices that obstruct the view of a person looking into the vehicle; this includes window shades or other devices on a rear window that shield occupants of the vehicle from the direct rays of the sun.

           Note - Except in the case of children aged 5 years or under, the child must be in the vehicle for the screen      
           to be in place; and

  • Adhesives such as vehicles wraps and perforated film for advertising or entertainment without the approval of the Transport Commissioner.

Defect-Free Windscreens And Windows


 It is the responsibility of the owner, driver or operator of the motor vehicle to ensure that no windscreen or window has:
  • Any scratches or defects that impair the driver’s vision;
  • Discolouration that unreasonably impairs the driver’s vision; and
  • Material with any bubbling or other defects that unreasonably impair the driver’s vision.