Progressive Infrastructural Development for the Future

RELEASE DATE: 02 Aug 2020

Over the past five years, the Ministry of Works and Transport (MOWT) has delivered an impressive and ambitious slate of national projects that are aligned with the Government’s developmental agenda. These efforts have ultimately been aimed at improving the quality of life for all citizens in an ever evolving world that demands an expanding network of resilient infrastructure, efficient transportation and services that harness the ICT platforms that have grown common-place for most of us. Through it all, the entire MOWT team has stayed the course in an era when we have been called upon to produce more with far fewer resources. We have made our procurement process more efficient and as a result, have saved taxpayers millions of dollars through properly negotiated contracts. We have achieved some progressive firsts for Trinidad & Tobago and successfully led the charge in implementing several major transport infrastructure and service projects to benefit the nation at large. I invite you to learn about our work within communities across Trinidad and Tobago which has contributed to creating a more united, resilient, productive and innovative society.

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