What We Do

The current role of the Ministry includes a range of services to its clientele and the civil-society, as listed below:
  • * Construction and maintenance of government buildings and facilities
  • * Addressing Maritime related matters and enforcing Maritime laws
  • * Determine policies and procedures that guide the maintenance of equipment and vehicles
  • * Coastal Protection
  • * Construction and maintenance of highways, roads, dams and drainage systems; land reclamation
  • * Enforcement of laws under the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act
  • * Issuance of drivers’ permits
  • * National planning for roads, drainage and transportation (air, sea and land)  
  • * Negotiation, provision, enforcement and monitoring of air service agreements
  • * Registration, classification, licensing and inspection of vehicles
  • * Registration, licensing, survey, inspection and certification of ships
  • * Traffic Management
  • * Provision of Traffic Warden Services