MOWT Achievements 2022- Protecting Our Coastlines

RELEASE DATE: 02 Nov 2022

Protecting our shorelines and vulnerable infrastructure, communities and assets is critical, given the increasing impact of coastal flooding and climate change.

Through the Coastal Protection Unit (CoPU), the MOWT has undertaken several coastal protection projects across the country to protect our 974 km of vulnerable coastline and the people who live in these communities, through the creation and maintenance of various Sea Defences.

Here are some significant projects undertaken by the CoPU over the last year.
  1. Shoreline Management Plan for Manzanilla Beach (Manzanilla Point to Radix Point)
Status: 100% complete

Major achievements
  • Completion of all design options
  • Completion of tender packages and drawings
  • Completion of Coastal Strategy Report
2. Cap De Ville Shoreline Stabilization works
Status: 86% completed
Major achievements
  • Prevention of coastal erosion/flooding in Chin Kit Street, Cap De Ville
  • Construction of a slipway
  • Construction of drainage structures
  • Earthworks for the construction of civil infrastructure
Matelot Shoreline Stabilization Works
Status:  99% Completed

 Major achievements
  • Construction of two revetments at Matelot
  • Construction of a beach access point at site 16
  • Prevention of coastal erosion and cliff erosion at sites 6 and 14