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UWI Students Meet Coastal Experts on Cap De Ville Shoreline Stabilisation Works Site

22 Mar 2023

On the 16th March, 2023, Seventeen (17) Undergraduate Civil Engineering students of the University of the West Indies visited the Ministry of Works and Transport's Cap De Ville Shoreline Stabilisation Works site. The collaboration involved a knowledge transfer from staff of the Coastal Protection Unit to the students who are currently doing the Coastal Engineering course. Students got the opportunity to walkthrough the physical works of the project and also to get a better understanding through informal Question and Answer session.

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MOWT Achievements 2022- Protecting Our Coastlines

02 Nov 2022

Protecting our shorelines and vulnerable infrastructure, communities and assets is critical, given the increasing impact of coastal flooding and climate change.

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Social and Economic Impacts of Climate Change

14 Feb 2022

Climate Change comes at a cost. It has been proven to have effects on every aspect of our lives. This will include both social and economic impacts. As the Ministry continues to mitigate these effects, we encourage everyone to do their part and keep informed about how they can help.

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Climate Change is Here - Time to Limit its Effects

10 Feb 2022

Climate Change is Here - Time to Limit its Effects: The Ministry of Works and Transport's Coastal Protection Unit is taking the initiative to keep us informed about climate change, its definition, its effects and soon its inevitability.

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The Integrated Water Resources and Coastal Symposium 2021

11 Mar 2021

The Integrated Water Resources and Coastal Symposium 2021 will gather delegates from across the Caribbean in order to nurture a robust, collaborative environment for the sharing of knowledge, lessons learned, and technological advancements and methodologies within the fields of coastal zone and water resources management in the region. Ultimately, the symposium strives to stimulate scientific discussions that will lead to progressive and appropriate recommendations within the fields of focus. In so doing, it is anticipated that the IWRCS will serve as a catalyst for formulating developmental plans, updating policies, and crafting public investment projects and initiatives in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean. The symposium will be hosted by the Ministry of Works and Transport (MOWT), Coastal Protection Unit (CPU) in partnership with the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA), Water Resources Agency (WRA), of the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

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CNCMP Primary and Secondary School Tour Progresses

20 Mar 2020

The Coastal Protection Unit in conjunction with the Institute of Marine Affairs, ventured into coastal communities that were considered ‘hot spots’ of coastal erosion. These areas were deemed high-risk areas after careful research and analysis was conducted during the social survey assessment of the Comprehensive National Coastal Monitoring Programme. The coastal communities that were targeted were located in the eastern, southern, south western and northern regions of Trinidad and Tobago. The school tour was part of the stakeholder engagement component of the Comprehensive National Coastal Monitoring Programme. The CPU targeted students of primary and secondary schools. To date, the Unit has visited 37 schools where they have carried out sensitization and awareness sessions via PowerPoint and video presentations all in a bid to explain the burgeoning problems that have plagued these coastal communities. 

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Integrated Water Resources Symposium Postponed

16 Mar 2020

Trinidad and Tobago’s Coastal Protection Unit and Water Resources Agency Postpone The Integrated Water Resources And Coastal Symposium (IWRCS).

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Coastal Tales

21 Jan 2020

National ‘Coastal Tales’ School tour will be hosted from 20thJanuary, 2020 - 13th    28 February, 2020. This is a deliverable of the Comprehensive National Coastal Monitoring Programme (CNCMP) where thirty-seven (37) schools throughout Trinidad and Tobago will be visited by the Coastal Protection Unit and the Institute of Maritime Affairs to give presentations on coastal issues as part of its stakeholder engagement strategy.


5128    |         The square kilometres comprising our twin island state. 
704     |          The kilometres of coastline collectively between our twin island state. 
80       |          The percentage of estimated socio-economic activities within our coastal zone.
 70      |          The estimate percentage of our population located on our coast. 
 8       |         The percentage of all public and private infrastructure by value located immediately on the                       coastline

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MOWT Launches the Comprehensive Coastal Monitoring Programme

29 Aug 2019

On Friday 24th May, 2019, the Ministry of Works and Transport hosted a multi-pronged event that entailed the following: the official launch the Comprehensive National Coastal Monitoring Programme (CNCMP), a Signing Agreement, a photo exhibition and the launch of the CNCMP's social media campaigns.


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Quinam Beach Facility Successfully Reopened

21 Aug 2019

The Quinam Beach Facility was officially reopened to the public by Senator the Honourable Rohan Sinanan, Minister of Works and Transport at a brief ceremony.


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