The legislation that guides the operations of the Coastal Protection Unit are as follows:

  • Town and Country Planning Act
  • National Environmental Policy
  • Certificate of Environmental Clearance
  • National Climate Change Policy
  • Environmental Management Act
  • Certificate of Environmental Policy
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • National Environmental Policy 2018
Policy objective: identify priority areas critical to achieving environmental sustainability. To this end, it provides direction to national stakeholders and provides a comprehensive framework for addressing threats to environmental sustainability.
  • National Protected Areas Policy 2011
Policy objective: provides guidelines for he selection, designation and management of protected areas established for the conservation of biological resources and guidance for legislative development to enable the establishment of an appropriate administrative and institutional framework for the designation and management of a national system of protected areas.
  • Climate Change Policy 2011
Policy objective: provides guidelines for the development of an appropriate administrative and legislative framework for a low carbon development path for Trinidad and Tobago, including sectoral and cross-sectional and cross-sectional adaptation and mitigation measures.
  • National Forest Policy 2011
Policy Objective: To guide the sustainable management of the forest resources of Trinidad and Tobago and recognise the critical contribution od agro-forests and urban forests to ecological services and biodiversity, as distinct to natural and plantation forests. 
  • National Wildlife Policy 2013
Policy Objective: Protection of critically endangered, endangered, vulnerable and / or near threatened wildlife populations, whether resident or migratory; maintenance of viable population of native wildlife species particularly endemics; optimisation of the contribution of wildlife resources to livelihoods, cultural and spiritual/ religious use, ensuring sustainable use including hunting, capture of cage birds, captive breeding, artificial propagation and international trade etc
  • National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan
Policy Objectives: stipulates plans for legislative development that would enable establishment of protected areas fir biodiversity conservation.
  • National Integrated Water Resources Management Policy 2017
Policy Objectives: Ensure the sustainable management of water resources and water supply to T&T; unify the various initiatives related to water to ensure the effective management of the nation’s water resources.