What We Do

 The Coastal Protection Unit's mandate is to achieve the following objectives:
  • To continuously monitor the coastline to identify issues that affect its stability
  • To develop and deliver the Programme of Critical Coastal Protection Works, a programme designed to implement short and medium term solutions for the most pressing of coastal instability cases along the coastline of Trinidad
  • To recommend policies for the sustained and long term delivery of the Ministry’s coastal protection mandate, including climate change adaptation.
  • To prevent coastal erosion
  • To design and construct Hydraulic and Coastal Structures
  • To develop and implement policies, plans, standards, regulations, rules and requirements for the prevention of coastal erosion.
  • Maintain sea defences

The above map is not indicative of all Trinidad’s beaches,
only those monitored by the IMA (Institute of Marine Affairs)
Source: Darsan, J., Ramnath, S. and Alexis, C. (2012). Status of Beaches and Bays
in Trinidad (2004-2008). Technical Report, Institute of Marine Affairs.